Under the Blanket

via Daily Prompt: Blanket

The gloom outside is depressing, Holden stares at the clouds and feels the humidity through the screen on his window. There won’t be any outdoor adventures for him today. The rain suddenly starts to pour, as if someone opened a tap in the sky. Suffocated by the walls of the house, Holden sets off to his bedroom planning to hide underneath his blankets. The darkness should bring him some comfort. As he approaches the bed, he can feel a warm breeze and hear the faint sound of music. He checks the window, but it is sealed shut. He lifts the blanket and can’t believe his eyes. He crawls underneath. When he emerges, Holden seems to be in an entirely different universe. The sun is so hot that he can feel his skin starting to burn after just a few minutes. He revels in the warmth that his basement bedroom could not bring him. People are dancing in the streets and playing music from speakers placed at every turn. Smiles are contagious, and Holden can’t help but wonder what that must be like. The corners of his mouth lift a little, and he feels uncomfortable because the sensation is so unfamiliar. There seems to be an endless variety of colours and people. There were colours he didn’t even know existed painted on all of the buildings and cars surrounding the streets. Even the gray pavement seemed brighter than the pavement outside his own window. All of the people seem ecstatic to be near one another. They embrace, regardless of their looks they all love each other. This is not like home. Holden basks in the feeling of being accepted by the tiny village underneath his blanket, and he never wishes to be uncovered.


Hello and welcome.

Welcome to you and me, really. I’m not entirely sure what will happen here as the days go by, hopefully some sort of writing will be going on. I’d like to write. I’m not sure what I’d like to write about yet, but I guess that’s half the battle. I think I’ll combine posts about my life, and then fictional stuff as well. I live a busy life, so I hope I’ll be able to commit. I love to read, and I’m hoping people will love to read what I write. So welcome to this journey of mine, though I’m not entirely sure where it will lead.