*buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz*

Fiona’s phone vibrates in her hand. It’s her husband. They’re fighting, again. The only problem is that she is sitting in their bedroom and he is sitting in their kitchen, 20 feet away from each other. Why can’t they just get up and talk like two adults, instead of texting? It fuels the anger rising in her even more.

*buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz*

Both type on the touch screen keyboards viciously, spewing words that they aren’t bold enough to say to one a other in person. Tears stream down Fiona’s face. The room is silent other than the fast paced tapping noise of thumbs on a glass screen. Barely audible, she sobs. Looking in, it seems as though a girl is crying at nothing. Her pain is deafening, but only she can hear it. 

*buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz*

Fiona gets up and walks past her husband and out the front door to get some air. No words are exchanged between the two, not even eye contact is made. It seems as though nothing has happened, but their phones tell otherwise.

Their silence tells otherwise.

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