Beneath the Bridge

Shirley spent most of her days standing on the London Bridge, staring into the water and imagining what it would be like to drown. Only she needn’t imagine, because she felt it every single day. Just jump in the water, everything will be better if you just jump in the water. Knowing that slowly drifting away in the water would be less painful than living, she falls. Shirley feels the tips of her feet touch the sand, and she knows she’s hit the bottom. There is no turning back now, she tries to let go. But nothing happens. She never feels the panic set in. She never feels her lungs burning for the need of fresh air. Hovering at the bottom, she waits for the drowning to end. She deliberately gulps in the water, but her release never comes. Shirley stays there forever, becoming the lady beneath the bridge.

via Daily Prompt: Knackered

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